The 5 Body Paragraph is Dead.

We use character problems as a way to uncover real world solutions for the struggles that they face.

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Implementing the design thinking process in my writing course has been invaluable in developing STEM into student projects.

As an ELA teacher, my work is grounded in the stories of real life and fictional characters. Through this lens, our class then synthesizes their understandings of the content and how it could be represented through the practice of skills and knowledge learned from math and science classes.

For example, Hiroshima describes the life of survivors of the atomic bomb and we use their narratives as empathy interviews to build prototypes of solving issues for survivors of war. The ideation stages takes us to building survivor story websites or even re-designing care packages for refugees of war. For the students to present their work, it needs to be backed by credible research and include an analyses of statistics based off of student made surveys. Additionally,  the construction and interpretation of graphs builds the ethos of their writing.

This writing/project process goes beyond the norm of the 5 body paragraph essay - STEM based research writing is taking my students to real world applications of writing.


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