Teacher and Cultural Institution Partnerships

What if teachers created active STEM learning lessons and shared them with cultural institutions to scale and bring to many other schools?

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Cami Gordon this is a great concept. Connecting with cultural groups can make a big difference in connecting with students. 

At my school there is large number of aboriginal students and getting them to buy into concepts often takes a different approach than other groups of students. When we can incorporate culturally significant activities into what we do, they are more likely to connect with it.

I also know there are some cultural taboos regarding various ideas. When introducing my 3D printer to my students, I showed them some videos about affordable 3D printed prosthetics. One of the things that came up was color. In some cultures having a cool blue or pink prosthetic hand would be a bad idea. Ideal colors were black or white to keep it from standing out too much. (I can't find the link to where I read this, so I might be off in the colors.)

Taking cultural practices into account will all us to reach a wider audience. 

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