STEM: Learning by doing

Learning by doing: STEM skills-building through experiences in STEM-related fields.

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Most of the students we surveyed didn't have a clear idea about what the STEM fields are or the opportunities available in those fields. I'd like to think of it as STEAM because the arts are a playful expression of knowledge in those fields. Next step: access in order to support our students with building experiences in the STEM fields. What does 'access' look like for them, for us as their support squad? Where do we start?


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Wow Eugenia! Great insight-How might we connect students to real-world STEAM? Are you thinking about connecting students with STEAM professionals? Do you have any moon shot ideas on if all the resources were available to you how would you make this happen?


Totally 'moon shot' ideas...
1. D&D for Social Studies: tabletop gaming is 'unplugged,' but just as fun and challenging as online.
2. Internet services are in the process of becoming more accessible (less cost) to the families in our school community, yes...and, what about devices to use at home? How about homemade computers and self-sustaining by knowing how to repair them?
 3. How about using a 3-D printer to 'translate' Eric Carl's books, or any other favorite author's books to Braille?
Still love the idea of our Mars Rover protoype though...
Decisions, decisions!

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Moon Shot Ideas are the BEST ideas! WAY TO GO! Wow I love all these ideas: knowing how to help yourself outside of the classroom with technology is an intriguing idea + I would think much needed for our students. I wonder what they struggle with at home when they have issues with technology? Learning the basics of how to support yourself with technology is so important! Wow the braille idea: SO cool too!

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