Stance on Science Issues

Students would think about their own views on science issues in politics and develop a sense of their political identity.

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I think a lot of times students, and the population in general, take a stance on issues depending on the political party their parents (or they) are affiliated with. With this project, students could really create an individualized point of view on many science issues in politics by doing their own research and keeping it completely free from outside opinion. No opinion based articles would be allowed, and students would have to use their own beliefs and knowledge to form political stances. I think this would be helpful in creating voters that would be more informed and less willing to be influenced by political bias.


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Hhmm... fascinating! What is the correlation you think btw Politics and STEM? Ordinarily, Politics might not be perceived as a STEM discipline, but agreed it could have major implications across the other fields. Curious folks POVs.

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