School Based Community Action Centers

What if we brought community action centers and STEM/Maker Labs together ?

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Inspired by Kevin Jarrett's discover phase post, what if we found a way to activate student curiosity and creativity through community action centers that are housed within our school walls? Students would have constant access to areas in which they are passionate about.  Community action centers would have a physical space and active involvement. Think about the possibilities where students could actually make a difference in their immediate community before, during and after the school day.   


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Michael! LOVE THIS! Simple, effective, relevant, useful! What might it take to get this piloted in a district or two?

We are in the process of establishing a Young Entrepreneur's Program here at my school, in which kids will use our makerspace and its ample resources to design and market items for family or members of the community. We're doing this as an after-school program as a prototype with hopes / plans to expand, to ... who knows?

Great contribution! 

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Yeah man! What do you think? Should we build something together? Want to make a new post? I'd love to think about this one together!

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Our Young Entrepreneur's Program is due to be approved 10/24 and with luck will launch in November. Let me get that up and running first and I'll have a better idea how to collaborate!

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