Playing with data

Use free tools and resources to examine data; consider the stories they tell, how to visualize the stories, and how to act on what we learn

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Might it be possible to for kids and schools to find public data sets (e.g., Direct Relief <>, Charity Wise <>, and Give Well <>), experiment with tools that structure the data (e.g., Excel), discuss the analysis as a team on Slack <>, play with visualizing the data (e.g., Tableau (free trial), present the results as an infographic <>, and then blog about what we learned on Tumblr?

Thank you to everyone who has commented so far or looked over the post! Here is the start of a build out--I'd be grateful for feedback. I work with kids privately, so my sense of scale will differ from yours. What sounds practical to you?    


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Kristin, thank you so much! No, I've never heard of TuvaLabs, but we are about to get acquainted!

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