Making Maker-Space for The Real World

A maker-space based on a street cart. These carts are affordable and provide studens with ready made spaces for STEAM.

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As Sara Freeman, a Middle School Teacher from Sacramento, CA say "We can't just teach our students about inventors and scientists like Edison and the Wright brothers, we have to make them into those innovators and scientists. No greater subject allows for this process than STEM.”, so who do we bring science to students. MakerSpace is on way. How do we make mobile MakerSpaces more economical and bring them to underserved communities. Currently the mobile MakerSpaces in Vans, are to costly and can not be scaled up to implement in underserved schools with very limited fund. Is there a more economical way to make MakerSpaces? I see a environmentally friendly street cart as one solution. This cart is loaded with all the low tech and high tech of a MakerSpace. It is powered with solar panels. It comes with it own's Wifi. It is movability means it can go to places without power or WiFI. It is economical and could be used in Underdeveloped nations or underserved urban or rural areas.

So image that this Street Cart MakerSpace could be in a room, a park, on the sidewalk, outside on field, or even in a garage. It is as mobile as the students imagination, and making learning happen wherever a child mind could go.


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