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How about students produce a show for kids, by kids, helping kids succeed in school? Show could center on Math and vocab building.

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High school media students could produce a show aimed at helping younger kids succeed in school.  The show could have segments that deal with everything from "Learning to Count" to "Solving the Equation".  The show could run weekly through the district website and be used as a resource for understanding as well as entertainment for the young ones.  

What’s the need we are trying to solve for?

Helping elementary-aged and ELL students learn critical concepts in  various core subjects (Arithmetic, Handwriting, Language Arts, Music, Foreign Language (Spanish), Socialization, Manners) in a fun and entertaining way. 

What is the problem this idea solves?

Reinforcement in various areas for students who are either ELL learners or need additional help with difficult concepts. 

What are the challenges with existing solutions?

Because of budget cuts, public schools have had to cut their extended learning programs and often students who need it the most, are not receiving extra specialized instruction nor learning reinforcement.

Potential For Impact: 

It provides students—-both the producers and the learning audience—-a positive learning experience both in the research and preparation of the segment and in viewing.  

Value Prop/Pitch:

I would pitch it as a show that reinforces learning, offers high school students an opportunity to produce a real-world show and gives young learners a fun way to learn concepts being taught in school.

High school students that meet with and develop segments with Elementary teachers could possibly receive community credit hours for their work and contributions to education.

How’d I get this idea off the ground? What are the next steps?

I teach video production so this project isn’t too difficult to pull off.  I need time to create segments, assign producers and give students enough time to meet with elementary teachers to find areas of critical need.

I would broadcast the show on our Vimeo channel and would need district assistance in both recruiting Elementary teachers to help develop the segments, finding viewers and promoting the programs.  

Anyone can watch Vimeo on any mobile device so this would make our show accessible 24-7.


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This looks awesome, Patty! I'm excited to see how this project might tap into our students' hidden talents!

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