Liberating Global Responders: Encouraging students to be Curious, Aware, Passionate, Empowered, and Extraordinary!

Increase awareness about global issues! Inspire a passion for others! Empowering them to solve them! Make ordinary students...Extraordinary!

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This idea will come to life by first working on changing student mindsets to reflect they ARE Geniuses. I plan on using variations of curriculum created by Angela Maiers called Liberating Genius. Next, students will use the NewsELA website(need a subscription to) to choose articles and topics that they are curious about to discover different current events and global issues. Then, students will develop plans, sketches, and ideas to solve or respond to these global problems in the maker space. Students will share their discoveries, learning, or solutions globally through things like blogs, newscasts or podcasts, G-Talks (aka TEDTalk format),and/or put together a global conference for students to attend and share online with students around the world. (A format kind of like go fund me where videos and pictures are uploaded along with the problem and solution or a conference style where students are learning from others.) I would also like to create an app or chrome app, with my students, that will help students document their creative process and share with others.

Students are struggling to be engaged in their work, being allowed to be responsible for doing the thinking, and being given ownership over their learning. The gap I am looking to close is creating a culture of learning, developing academic ownership, and student agency. This idea allows students to have Voice and Choice as they develop their passion for helping others and solving world problems. Who knows if I have the next Steve Jobs, creator of the "solar puff", or even the next NappyTabs!

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I like that the student will have choice and that they will be able to try solving a real world problem. 

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