Our students need to be exposed to role models in the STEM field in the same way movies and politics have "celebrities."

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Yes a hundred times. And you know what! these people exist! We live in a pretty cool time when folks like Adam Savage and Kari Byron, and Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson (thanks Michael Schurr ) have fan clubs.

So how do we create more of these amazing people for our students to love and follow?
How do teachers become these people?

I think the trick is to use STEM in ways that are relevant to kids. That's the one thing all those people above have found a way to do!

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Hi Jacob, I think this kind of expose is an awesome tool for expanding students' ideas about science and scientists. I posted a similar idea trying to attack the "how" of getting STEM professionals connected with teachers and students. I'd love to collaborate and hear more about what you envision.

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Jacob! Awesome idea! I especially love Chris Good A Kids Cosmos inspiration from the discover phase.  I wonder how we build out this idea!

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Yes! Jacob Goren this is one of the tricky issues with STEM! How might we increase exposure and provide mentors to *all* students? Could you incorporate sites like http://www.fabfems.org/ & http://theconnectory.org/ to get started? What would "exposure" look like to you?