Elementary post office: Handmade created Mailbox in every classroom.

Creating avid writers and readers,while participating in how the US. Post office system works in our community and applying it in school.

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Students can learn and have hands on real experience in the art of letter writing, using a class made US post office system within the school, letter writing like the old ways.  Students can write letters across grade levels, and lower grade students will love to write back and read letters they receive.  Mailboxes can be placed outside every classroom, and classrooms can have someone assigned as the "US mail box supervisor"


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I love this idea as a way to connect the community.  Students can write letters to other students or general constituents of the community.  For example, a student in 3rd grade might write a letter to the 4th to ask what next year will be like.  A student might write a letter to a science teacher with a question they are wondering about.

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