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Physically open classroom spaces; make them big & open, filled with a variety resources & tools with teachers that have different expertise

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I agree with Erin Quinn and the Reggio Emilia belief that space is the 3rd teacher. I think the space is important to the teaching. However, as Anastassia Radeva describes space is only useful if it is filled with the appropriate teachers and resources for the kids. 
My vision re-imagines teaching and learning as we know it. Students would be working on all real-world project based activities where they would have access to a variety of knowledgeable adults and resources to help teach them and guide them through their projects. The space comes into to play because all of the kids would and adults and resources would be in the same space accessible for everyone to bounce ideas off of each other, learn from each other, get inspired by each other. The math expert could host mini-lessons on geometry possibly related to your project in breakout room 3 or the English expert could have an editing conference with one student in breakout room 5 at whatever point the student needs it. The media expert could have a mini-session by the computers to discuss the proper way to cite sources. While the photography expert could be explaining zoom lenses in the technical closet to the students who are going outside to shoot hawks. 
I think my train of thought is similar to how all of these new "hip" companies have open workspaces instead of the old-school cubicles. 

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