Build-based Learning

Give your students a problem to solve that requires them to build something.

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At Schuyler Central High School our school parking lot is gravel and very ineffective to get in and out. Design a new parking lot and come up with how much it is going to cost to build?

Give students a problem and get out of their way.

Give students a simple problem where they have to make something. Get students building, when students are literally all hands-on deck, they work together and make incredible things.

Another example:

August 21, 2017 there is going to be a total solar eclipse over our school. Since you can't look directly at the sun, develop a cheap alternative to look safely at the sun.


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I love this, Trever!! Maker challenges are a great way to inspire students to start designing. I've found the most awesome design challenges are the ones that make a true and real impact in the world. Check out this example from my city:

Do you think the parking lot challenge would be doable? Would they actually like to bring real change to the parking lot? (P.S. Have you seen this? Love!)

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I know its a problem and I know they students complain about it a lot. I think it would be something their passionate about.