MARS Colonization & Roaming Rovers

Supporting student research, designing, and problem-solving for the real world race to colonize Mars for human life!

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MARS Roaming Rovers

“I think this project is also enhancing current STEM education and making STEM education real world applicable it is such a great point about the work you are doing!!!!! LOVING THIS!” -  Skyler Rossacci, SBISD


Supporting student learning, the building, and problem-solving of the real world race to colonize Mars for human life!


  • Students gain greater insight on the planet
  • Students will research the atmosphere and surface of Mars to discover challenges for human survival on the planet.
  • Students collaborate & problem-solve with peers to build a community of future Mars residents
  • Students will have opportunities to visit sites that house designers & builders of space rockets; they’ll participate in discussion and questioning sessions with experts

Next Steps:

  • actively learn from & communicate with experts currently working on the mission/path to Mars
  • Using the design thinking processes, students will create Rovers
  • access to field experts; astronauts; NASA workers; and other professionals currently working on missions to Mars (SpaceX)
  • participate in activities that prepare humans for a mission to Mars

Problem Statement:

We are actively preparing for missions to Mars but the generation most likely to get us there are in our classrooms now. Our gap is between those currently working on the missions and those who will physically colonize and live there.  

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Photo of Michelle Fontenot

How exciting that you were able to connect your students with a NASA consultant! I would love to hear the whole conversation!

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I can share but the whole discussion is around  nine minutes. The students asked the NASA expert some good questions. 

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As we get ready to move to the prototype phase, spend a few minutes brainstorming simple ways to bring your concept to life.

What context will best help you to gain your own insights and to share your idea to obtain feedback from others?  Think about how you might do this; through a storyboard, a model, a diagram, role-play, etc.  

Photo of Michelle Fontenot

Wow!! This is such an relevant topic for students to wrap their heads around, as they may be the ones who pilot that first manned mission to Mars! The scientists working to make that happen face real challenges which the students would be addressing in their prototypes, and I think that relevance will lead to true engagement. Nice!

Photo of Julie Hummel

I loved the video, the kids are precious!  I believe that many teachers are already doing STEM related thinking or lessons in PK and elementary school, but I wonder if we changed our vocabulary about how we talk about this thinking or  activities if it would help them begin to make connections.

Photo of Trever Reeh

Even just landing a rover on the Martian soil would be a great project. There were tons of engineering challenges that got the rover on the Mars surface.

Photo of Lesli Brown

Great post Angelique! I definitely wonder what kids' perceptions of STEM are.... that is very interesting and good information to have moving forward....

The Mars Rover creation idea for kids is very interesting... I'm excited to see the evolution of your idea! I wonder how the criteria for what the spacecraft will need to do in space will affect the designs and creative problem solving around those tasks.

Photo of Ellen Deutscher

Sounds fun!