Experiment Day!

Students of different ages can come together to build, create, and experiment.

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One of the best ways to learn is by collaborating, talking, and working together. Experiment day will do just that! During this time, kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade (elementary) will work side by side to build, create, and experiment! These experiments can be based on what the kids are learning in science or it can be a chosen and researched experiment by a student. This ties in student led learning and problem solving.  The older kids can be in charge of an experiment or station and they will work together with the younger students.

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This is awesome! I am not teaching at the moment, but will be starting a coaching job in January and hope I can try to integrate this. There should be so much more age-mix!

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Hi Maria, I love this idea. Great way for older students to practice demonstrating their content knowledge as well as pull in project based curriculum.

My question is would they be working on these projects for extended periods of time (i.e. were you thinking of a devoted experiment day" each week or bi-weekly) or would it be just a once in a while type thing?

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Love the video and the idea of Class Buddies! Kids do some of their best learning from other kids!

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Below is a link to a Google Doc. Please make comments and help me better my idea! Thanks for all the input! :)https://docs.google.com/a/springbranchisd.com/document/d/1x1KS8wZULgu9


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Hi Maria! I wonder if the students would be completing guided experiments (with instructions from a teacher or other resource) or an open-ended experiment (try to do this and see what happens)? I can see both being beneficial to students.

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so cool! How will that happen? during specific units? on a weekly basis? What planning do you think this will require?

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Great idea, Maria! The older students could definitely teach the younger ones, but I also wonder what the 5th graders might learn from the kindergartners' tinkering. Interesting thought!