Community Redesign Project

Students use STEAM and Design Thinking to redesign a community space.

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Update 11/30: Check out the pitch video for the Community Redesign Project!


Update 11/28: The Community Redesign Project is evolving into an app or website in which teachers can take their classes through the design thinking process to redesign a community space. Check out and comment on our pitch deck on google slides. More to come this evening and the pitch video will be ready to go by tomorrow!


The Community Redesign Project

The Community Redesign Project is a website that takes students through the Design Thinking process to redesign a community space (a new monument in a local park, new structures for their playground, a library installation). During the planning process, the website provides resources for students to draw pictures or make models of their community redesigns, then use Augmented Reality apps like Aurasma and Membit to see what their ideas would look like in real life.

Student teams lead their projects from beginning to end by identifying needs, gathering insight from community members, brainstorming, building and pitching to the local community.

Join us as we begin to build out the Community Redesign Challenge on this google doc

Inspiration: TG Brainstorming event @ Steelcase (Oct. 2016)

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Love this idea! I'm going to attempt something similar with my 3rd graders in our social studies unit on local government. They are going to identify problems or areas for improvement in the district where they live. Then, they will go through the design thinking process to come up with different solutions, and then build a prototype of one solution. We'll see how it goes! thanks for your idea!

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So cool! Tweet me the prototypes @joedannibale, I'd love to hear how it goes!

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