STEM Bins for Early Finishers

Creating STEM bins to promote engineering and creativity for early finishers using mostly found/common objects.

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STEM bins will consist of hands on activities for students to engineer when they are done with assignments. These could be structures or experiments but will all be hands on activities with questions to widen their STEM brain. 

Based on the needs of my students most of these objects will be found/common in their everyday life so that they can engineer in and out of the classroom. Such as cardboard boxes, paper towel tubes, playing cards, mail inserts, empty water bottles etc. So that children of all backgrounds can participate in STEM activities. 

Check out my Google post for more "behind the scenes" insight and to help contribute ideas/comments!

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I love how you reversed the student & teacher roles in your pitch video! And the "teacher" made some excellent points. Can't wait to see what might come next!

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Thank you so much! We can't wait either!

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