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I have a vision of a self-run classroom: students walking in, going straight to their station, and beginning to work.

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I would love to have a classroom that is practically run by itself. That would mean the kids are in charge of their own learning and they are doing all the work. One of the questions we must answer when we are writing lessons here at Terrace is "Who is doing all the work?" For me, the answer is always, "the teacher." I struggle "letting go" of my classroom; it's safe to take control of everything. Safe, not easy. I find myself stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Why? Because I'm doing it all! The kids are the ones that should be going home tired! Tired from thinking and working and learning all day! 

So my vision: stations all around my classroom; kids doing projects, practicing skills, discovering, participating in small groups, etc. I want my kids to feel independent - I don't want them to feel they need me. They need to be problem-solvers! 

I would also love to incorporate more technology into these stations. There are so many great resources out there that kids should be exposed to. Especially in this day and age. (For example, we used Padlet last week and am longing to use it more in my students!) 

I was inspired by Dr. Muri's visit to our campus last spring. He described a classroom much like that one I'm envisioning - kids learning in stations. Since his visit, I've been thinking about changing my style of teaching so that my kids have the optimum learning experience. I just don't know where to start! 

I also got inspired by a teacher I follow on Twitter. She likes to posts about her classroom and I always see her kids engaged in creative activities. Technology is somehow always involved and in ways I never would have thought of!

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Great idea! 
And perfect timing I think for implementing as you have had a semester to establish routines, build trust, and get to know your kids. 
I am excited to work with you on the what do you need to make this happen and how will you know its making a difference!
So excited for you and this next step!!

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What a cool idea!!! I wonder if part of this is a way for students to self monitor their progress and what that might look like-LOVING where this is going!


Your vision is similar to what I have had too.  Sometimes, I felt like I was getting close when I taught 5th grade.  The students were given menus with required activities, choice sections, and student created independent projects.  It worked beautifully one year. Since then, challenges I've noticed have been: vast differences in student levels and maturity, lack of technology, and incorporating all required skills into student choice activities or projects.  I believe if you had some time to plan stations and more technology it would really help you go in the right direction.

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Thanks Kristin! I agree, lack of resources and time can really have a big impact! It's a challenge trying to make a big change. But I am excited about this next phase! It will definitely help me put my ideas down and really figure what it is I need and how I can put it into practice!