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Allow the students to manipulate and create on Fridays with anything and everything.

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Allow the students to manipulate and create on Fridays with anything and everything. At times we focus so much on the curriculum that we don't allow students to have hands on experience with the real world. Giving them the class period on Fridays to just create can begin to ignite the creativity in their brains. They will then begin to see the classroom as a place to create and problem solve. 

Will need: Bins of materials which can be donated or bought. The point is to have random things in them because every student will have a different idea or thought on how to solve the real world problem. 

Teacher prep: Finding the real world question that relates to the students current lives or to the math and science they are currently learning (the point is to make them realize that what they are learning IS IMPORTANT and not irrelevant). Also have the bins prepared and space for where they will keep their creation/invention. Having technology available (computer lab, ipad, their phones) to do a little bit of research or look up a how to video.

Student work: Creating/ Inventing a solution to the real world question. If the teacher wants they can also spend an additional Friday to create a presentation so it can be displayed for other students/ adults/ teachers to view. 

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Cool! What do you think this will look like? Will they have tinker bins?  Will you provide a challenge for them to solve every week and then the classroom can vote on the winning solution?? That might be a cool way to tie it to the curriculum and incentivice! 

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Tinker bins would more than likely be the most organized way of doing this! My hope is to give them a real world problem at the beginning of the month and the Fridays for the rest of the month are their days to research and create a solution for the problem. Giving them the time to present their solution/creation through a gallery walk or a whole class presentation (which ever they like best) would be the most important piece because they will be able to analyze each others solutions and learn multiple ways to solving the given problem. 

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