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Meet Margaret. She is a special education teacher in Oakland, CA. 

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"In special education, collaboration is at the center of my work. I am in constant communication with the general education teachers, parents and families, administrators and of course - the students themselves. Collaboration to ensure the needs of my students are met is critical. But often, collaboration is viewed as something "extra" and we don't have time for it."

During the How might we create an exciting and effective space for teachers to collaborate? Margaret was really intrigued by how other teachers in the Guild were using technology to connect across their school. From their ideas she explored Pintrest boards and even joined a Tweet Up. She then decided to try Dan Smith's Twitter School Tool, a favorite solution, and started a hashtag to communicate with her math department.

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"It was amazing! With such a simple idea, I could all of a sudden have quick conversation with Carline (our Math teacher) and check in on how I could support individual students." It was so popular that during a staff meeting, Margaret and Carline shared how they were using Twitter to connect regularly throughout the day. The Twitter School Tool is now being used across their school. And, they even iterated it by also creating weekly tweet ups for grade level teams. "We were really surprised by how a tool that we already use everyday in our personal lives could make such a difference in our classroom and school"

If you want to try this solution, check out Dan's solution here.

Any questions about how to use the Twitter School Tool, talk to Dan or Margaret.

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