About Us

We believe...We're smarter, faster and braver together.That creativity can lead to real change.That teachers are the revolution education has been waiting for.

That’s why our goal is simple. Bring together teachers, just like you, to collaborate and solve 30 education challenges in three years. Building on each others’ ideas, we will amaze our students, schools and the greater system with a flood of new and better solutions designed by and for teachers.

And we believe there’s no better time to start than now.


The Guild is brought to you by partners who believe teachers are our most powerful innovators. They are committed to going beyond school walls to bring teacher ideas to life.

Collaboration Hosts

Each Collaboration is hosted by a partner who is excited to innovate new products and programs with teachers. If you want to design with teachers, The Guild would like to hear from you!

Teacher Coaches

Throughout each Collaboration, mentors are there to support you and lead you through the design thinking process. If you want to be a coach, The Guild would like to hear from you!

The Guild Team

The Guild is run by by IDEO’s Design for Learning Studio and Riverdale Country School’s Delta Group. We are a team of educators and designers, inspired by teachers across the globe who are innovating every day. We give a special shout out to those who dare to experiment with The Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit. Let’s continue to imagine, create, and transform together.

Reach out to Brett if you want to learn more!